Hello PANDA Review

Snapchat--7778559713983448319Snapchat--8602564229210298382The box has vibrant colors, that catches your eyes. There are cartoon versions of the product on the box, with a cartoon panda playing soccer. “Bite Size” is written on the front, but I do not know if there are any bigger than these.

Hello PANDA is a chocolate creme filled cookies ( as stated on the box ), with it containing 25% of fat.

Snapchat-8738613827184134644You can not open the red, foil bag like a bag of chips ( it took me about 30 seconds of trying ). The bag has the meiji Hello PANDA logo on it .

When you first open the bag, the smell of chocolate punches you in the nose.

Snapchat--1269997258700727437It feels like a hard cracker, with the baked look and texture on it.

Snapchat--1602827819130332968Some of the crackers are in the shape of a panda head and all of them have a picture of the panda doing a certain action. Ex. The panda is a ninja holding a sword.

Snapchat--2471016618657592323When you bite into the cracker, it is crunchy and the chocolate inside is not creamy, it does not flow out when you bite into it ( like I was expecting it to ). The consistency of the chocolate was if you were to put the cracker in the fridge for a minute.

Hello Panda rating

I give Meiji Hello PANDA  an 8 out of 10 because it sells for $1.29, they do not give you a lot in the box and it is nothing to be crazy about, it’s a basic cracker with chocolate in it.

You can buy it if you just want to try it, but do not have high hopes. ( It just have cute packaging ).

Encouraging Thunder Award

Encouraging Thunder Award

Thank you so so much to the fabulous 21andsensory ( If you don’t mind and haven’t already, go check out her blog )

I know this is a lousy excuse, but I have also been working a lot and kind of just being lazy. DON’T worry, I will accept this award and continue to blog!

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I Need Your Help!

I am trying to get back into YouTube and I NEED YOUR HELP!

I just found out a lot of women watch my videos ( obviously ), 75% women and 25% men.

I know what videos I will like to make, but I would want to know what videos YOU GUYS would like to watch. Pretty much anything you can think of, tell me!

I want to make videos for women, men and videos that are relatable and liked by everybody.

These are the percentage of people, by age that watch me…

AGES                                 PERCENTAGE

13-17                                           28%

18-24                                           37%

25-34                                          17%

35-44                                           14%

45-54                                             3%

65+                                                 1%

Just write in the comments below what you would want to see. Thank you!

Who’s Says Kayla?

I love writing post for my blog, but I feel as if I am just writing them whenever I feel like it.

I have 4 followers ( thank you ), but I wish more people read my post you know?

How do I get people to read my blog. How do I get people to get to my blog and give it a chance.

Fat Face Update #1

It’s the first day of the challenge and I did real good in the morning; only eating fruits and drinking a lot of water and eating oatmeal.

For dinner though, I am having wing dings ( fried chicken ), I know, I know, I just started and I am technically already failing.

After I finish eating the chicken though, I am going to drink 2 bottles of water, hopefully that flushes out the grease, salt and oil.

Fat Face

I think I found one of the reasons why people think that I am younger than my age… I have a fat face.

Typically chubby faced girls look younger while girls with slim faces look older and mature.

I noticed that my face has been getting chubbier and I think it is because of the way I have been eating lately…  a lot of salt, junk food and candy.

For a week I will make a challenge for myself…

  1. Avoid eating salty foods – meaning fast food, fried foods, avoid putting salt on food. Eating salty foods retains water in your body.
  2. Drink a lot of water – I do this a lot anyways so I will just continue doing it.
  3. Workout! – Face exercises, cardio etc.
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables – I need to eat more vegetables

I will update you guys when the challenge is over and will tell you if I experienced any results.