Hello PANDA Review

Snapchat--7778559713983448319Snapchat--8602564229210298382The box has vibrant colors, that catches your eyes. There are cartoon versions of the product on the box, with a cartoon panda playing soccer. “Bite Size” is written on the front, but I do not know if there are any bigger than these.

Hello PANDA is a chocolate creme filled cookies ( as stated on the box ), with it containing 25% of fat.

Snapchat-8738613827184134644You can not open the red, foil bag like a bag of chips ( it took me about 30 seconds of trying ). The bag has the meiji Hello PANDA logo on it .

When you first open the bag, the smell of chocolate punches you in the nose.

Snapchat--1269997258700727437It feels like a hard cracker, with the baked look and texture on it.

Snapchat--1602827819130332968Some of the crackers are in the shape of a panda head and all of them have a picture of the panda doing a certain action. Ex. The panda is a ninja holding a sword.

Snapchat--2471016618657592323When you bite into the cracker, it is crunchy and the chocolate inside is not creamy, it does not flow out when you bite into it ( like I was expecting it to ). The consistency of the chocolate was if you were to put the cracker in the fridge for a minute.

Hello Panda rating

I give Meiji Hello PANDA  an 8 out of 10 because it sells for $1.29, they do not give you a lot in the box and it is nothing to be crazy about, it’s a basic cracker with chocolate in it.

You can buy it if you just want to try it, but do not have high hopes. ( It just have cute packaging ).

I Need Your Help!

I am trying to get back into YouTube and I NEED YOUR HELP!

I just found out a lot of women watch my videos ( obviously ), 75% women and 25% men.

I know what videos I will like to make, but I would want to know what videos YOU GUYS would like to watch. Pretty much anything you can think of, tell me!

I want to make videos for women, men and videos that are relatable and liked by everybody.

These are the percentage of people, by age that watch me…

AGES                                 PERCENTAGE

13-17                                           28%

18-24                                           37%

25-34                                          17%

35-44                                           14%

45-54                                             3%

65+                                                 1%

Just write in the comments below what you would want to see. Thank you!

Who’s Says Kayla?

I love writing post for my blog, but I feel as if I am just writing them whenever I feel like it.

I have 4 followers ( thank you ), but I wish more people read my post you know?

How do I get people to read my blog. How do I get people to get to my blog and give it a chance.

Fat Face Update #1

It’s the first day of the challenge and I did real good in the morning; only eating fruits and drinking a lot of water and eating oatmeal.

For dinner though, I am having wing dings ( fried chicken ), I know, I know, I just started and I am technically already failing.

After I finish eating the chicken though, I am going to drink 2 bottles of water, hopefully that flushes out the grease, salt and oil.

Fat Face

I think I found one of the reasons why people think that I am younger than my age… I have a fat face.

Typically chubby faced girls look younger while girls with slim faces look older and mature.

I noticed that my face has been getting chubbier and I think it is because of the way I have been eating lately…  a lot of salt, junk food and candy.

For a week I will make a challenge for myself…

  1. Avoid eating salty foods – meaning fast food, fried foods, avoid putting salt on food. Eating salty foods retains water in your body.
  2. Drink a lot of water – I do this a lot anyways so I will just continue doing it.
  3. Workout! – Face exercises, cardio etc.
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables – I need to eat more vegetables

I will update you guys when the challenge is over and will tell you if I experienced any results.

Turn Up Class of 2016!

My best friend and I have always talked about making our high school experience the best one. We are going into our senior year ( I say that all the time ) and we want to make it the best year. For real this time. We are not the most popular, BUT we do have our fun moments. We have OUR own goals for this last year. Continue reading

Being a model mean…

Being tall – I’m average, 5’5.5″ Miranda Kerr

Pretty – hmm well maybe not compared to the girls in today’s society

Have something unique about you – It looks like I have no eyebrows, I have a dimple on the TOP of my left cheek ( you only see it when I yawn or laugh ), I have super long fingers and toes, I got some full, voluminous lips ( I like to say so myself ).

Being skinny and fit – I’m fairly skinny but not all that fit

Flawless skin – Nope

Hairless ( like a baby ) – Nope

Long hair – Nope

Let’s just keep in mind the plus size women can be plus size modelmodels too.

She’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL! GORGEOUS!

My thing is I think it would fun being a model, taking all of the pictures, wearing different clothes, strutting down the run way, posing for magazines, getting my makeup down.

 Could I be a model? Probably not

Nowadays there are soooo many girls that want to become models and a lot of people know that. That’s why it’s so hard for girls to become models, these people create fake agencies to get these girls and their families to pay crazy amounts of money, crushing their dreams.

I personally think I am too old ( 17 ) and camera shy to start modeling.

I wouldn’t want to be one of those cheap models that just wear people’s clothes and pose on Instagram or go to those sketch warehouses, taking pictures in front of a green screen.

VS modelsBut I know it’s too much to hope that I would ever become a Victoria’s Secret Model, but it would be cool to be one.